We are expecting an annual increase by 15% in the demand for smart solutions and sensors

We are expecting an annual increase by 15% in the demand for smart solutions and sensors

High Reliance on the Internet of Things Enhances the Attractiveness of UAE to the Sector’s Global Companies

The increase in the demand for the (IoT) applications in UAE enhances the attractiveness of the sector to major global companies practicing the same industry and improves their ability to innovate. This, in turn, will enable customers to improve the (ROI), especially after Dubai has recently developed a strategy to provide Internet services in public spaces.

Smart systems and sensors provide resources that allow companies to identify new sources for the provision of high value to customers, accelerate access to the market, respond immediately to customer needs, meet their expectations and enhance their market competition.

“UAE is always keen to adopt strategies and plans to provide integrated, sophisticated and smart infrastructure and communication networks. That is derived from the significance of the concept of (IoT) and automatic communication between devices, as well as massive data analysis. These areas will have an impact on the growth and development of many State vital sectors, including health, education, transport and others. Besides, they will be one of the most important pillars in the process of moving to smart and sustainable cities and building a knowledge-based economy. This interest has been a key factor in promoting the State attractiveness for foreign investments and global companies operating in the sector. In light of the increasing reliance of the State institutions and companies on the (IoT) to enhance the effectiveness and operational efficiency, it is expected that the revenues of the sector companies increase by more than 15% per year. This will push the companies working in technology to innovate more practical solutions that contribute in the provision of a diverse and comprehensive package of solutions and systems that meet the expectations of customers from different segments and categories.” Said Samir Ibrahim Abdul Hadi, CEO and founder of SamTech.

SamTech solutions include smart systems that focus on a package of remote managed services, including the ongoing fleet management, smart business management, smart transportation and smart waste management. These solutions allow the owners of companies and business to monitor and control mobile machines without the need for human intervention. They are currently considered the fastest growing solutions in the world as they provide distinct innovations that stimulate the growth of (IoT) and meet the needs of customers including the owners of companies and businesses.

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