SamTech Accepts Dubai Fitness Challenge!!


SamTech Accepts Dubai Fitness Challenge!!

30 Days Fitness Challenge Accepted! – SamTech proudly announces last…
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SamTech Participates in Rice Bowl Challenge

“Neither fire nor wind nor death can erase our good…
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Ms. Laura Puentes/Marketing Executive, was rewarded Employee of the Month for March 2014

The way you have performed throughout shows your hard work,…
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Running Competition

Part of SamTech’s CSR strategy is to enhance workplace atmosphere…
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Widad Hadi The “Employee of the Month” for Augest 2013

“SamTech Middle East is congratulating Wedad, Account Manager for earning…
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SamTech Middle East poses 4 smart technologies to enhance efficiency and increase productivity in organizations

            SamTech is a leading…
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SamTech Middle East sponsor “Jerusalem in Heart”

SamTech Middle East sponsored an event with a dual cooperation…
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SamTech Middle East organizes “Appreciate it” initiative during the Holy month of Ramadan

Part of SamTech CSR plan for community services for 2013,…
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SamTech; Starting Up and Challenges

SamTech CEO Samir I. Abdul Hadi shares the experience of…
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du announces partnership with SamTech to offer M2M enterprise solutions

End-to-end offering from du makes customers’ M2M connectivity needs even…
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