Connected Vehicles

Connected Vehicles

Security and surveillance are prime factors in ensuring the safety and success of critical assignments. SamTech has developed smart services to provide real-time GPS tracking of life forms and assets, giving you ultimate peace of mind. Let our Smart Solution Vehicle Tracking Solution maintain and augment your credibility while enabling practical tracking of all your assets.

Locate your vehicle. Anytime. Anywhere.

Designed to maximize safety and security, SamTech’s In-Vehicle Surveillance provides an elegant smart solution to augment security measures for transportation vehicles whether you want to track your school bus or a fleet of public buses, taxis or heavy goods vehicles. Your assets and the passengers using them will be safer than ever with SamTech’s accurate passenger tracking, emergency services communication and real-time vehicle health data analysis.

High speed internet connectivity enables transportation vehicles to be always visible. All associates can access the in-vehicle video surveillance to monitor the driver & passenger status, analyze driver performance, highlight potential safety issues such as passengers not wearing seatbelts, and even access swift connectivity to emergency services in the event of a road collision or accident.

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