Container Tracking & Management

Container Tracking & Management

We understand that in the logistics and transportation industry, time is the primary key factor for success; making swift and precise smart management is a necessity for efficiency.

SamTech’s Container Management solution penetrates into your requirements and works effortlessly and efficiently, saving time and money, enhancing operations, plus maintaining your multiple fleets simply and expertly. Tracking system provides supply chain management security through reliable container tracking solution. Tagged materials are tracked 24/7, 365 days of the year using global cellular technology. One can track containers, trailers, pallets, boxes or any other assets of interest Anytime ... Anywhere

Get direct access to active reports and monitor the movement of assets through satellite navigation system. All this facilitates you with minimized operational hassles, effective time management, proof of delivery and cargo safety which eliminates your frustrations and helps you in keeping your promises.

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