Smart School Bus Solution at School Transportation Conference organized by RTA

Smart School Bus Solution at School Transportation Conference organized by RTA

SamTech participated in School Transportation Conference which was organized by Road & Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai. It was held on April 21-23, 2013. The event constituted the first school transportation conference in the region and was a unique platform attracting hordes of transportation professionals hailing from all over the world.

The Dubai 2013 edition welcomed all visitors from different sectors and invited over 40 countries from different parts of the world to participate. It is officially supported by RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) and NAPT (National Association for Pupil Transportation). The agreement between RTA and NAPT is a result of years of joint efforts.

SamTech Middle East presented Smart School Bus solution is this exhibition and took the opportunity to impress the visitors with the high technology that is offered to this industry.

Mr Samir Ibrahim Abdel Hadi, CEO. Presented Smart School Bus Solution to the attendees

Mr Samir Ibrahim Abdel Hadi, CEO. Presented Smart School Bus Solution to the attendees


Conference Objectives:
  • Development of school transport industry
  • Engaging main stakeholders in the development of school transportation.
  • Define safe and comfortable environment for the school transportation of students and teachers
  • Sharing the international best practices in the field of school transportation industry with the local school transport operators.
  • Attracting private investors to participate in the development of school transportation.
  • Increase awareness among Schools and Parents
Who attended?
  • Authorities regulating school transport
  • Planners and professionals
  • Bus Manufacturers & Dealers
  • Consultants & Engineers
  • Government Organizations catering to students with special needs
  • Facilities Operators & Managements Companies
  • Operation & Maintenance Companies
  • Owners of the Private Schools & Educational Institutes
  • Communications Providers & Monitoring Technology Manufacturers
  • Security & Safety Companies
  • Signboards & Signal Traffic Manufacturers


1.Regulation & legislation

Experts from different countries will focus upon their federal laws and guideline as a minimum standard, specifications, responsibilities, monitoring, and code of conduct. Laws and regulation vary from one country to another . Know what is required in your area of operation.

2.Planning & Operation

Tools and techniques for transportation safety personnel who assess a transportation system, include a comprehensive focus on key areas such as staffing, routing, scheduling, student management and training, vehicle maintenance and customer services.

3.Safety of School Transportation

The impact of the geographical distribution of schools, traffic safety around the schools, roles of school administration and parents to spread the traffic culture, beside School bus drivers are already vigilant about ensuring that children are safely transported to and from school. However, it is also important for them to be aware of the risk. This session will help you empower your drivers with resources they can use immediately.

4.Technology & Security in School Transportation

Experts from different companies and school bus manufacturers will discuss the features and benefits of the various alternative technologies software or hardware, which help in improving school bus transportation environment.

5.Student Management

What can you really do to respond appropriately to students violations of bus conduct rules? How do you manage student behavior legally and effectively? Considering the psychological impact on students.

6.Managing the Challenges of Students with Special Needs

Specific focus on the special consideration and best practices of different countries for characteristics of children with special needs, How do you manage their behaviors?

7.Marketing & Awareness

Experts from different companies and organizations will discuss the benefits of awareness and best ways to create and increase awareness among students to help building demands. What does student’s awareness hope to achieve?

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