Smart Driver Score System Launched at Directions Dubai 2014

Smart Driver Score System Launched at Directions Dubai 2014

SamTech Middle East Launches Smart Driver Score System at the Technology Lounge during HERE event Directions Dubai 2014

SamTech Middle East, the leader in Smart M2M Location Based and Telematics Services and On Board Diagnostics solutions, launched a new smart system that evaluates the performance of public vehicles and buses’ drivers. The new system, which Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority will adopt for training purposes for institutions and companies, aims at boosting the efficiency of employees and remaining updated on drivers’ performance through detailed and regular reports.

The new system helps in improving the quality of services provided by these institutions to their clients and helps them in managing their assets more effectively to ultimately secure more revenues that contribute in enhancing the overall performance on the long run. By finding the shortest route to the destination, the system significantly helps in slashing fuel consumption and carbon emissions through reducing the distance a vehicle needs to travel.

Mr. Samir Ibrahim Abdel Hadi, founder and CEO of SamTech said: “We are always keen to provide all means of comfort to our customers and enable them to stay updated on the movements of their vehicles and providing them with access to all details they need, wherever they are. We have devised this new system to provide speedy delivery of information to vehicle owners through giving them an access to data related to their vehicles’ movements so they can manage all things in the time and place that suit them.”

“This system, which we offer to our customers in a new, easy, quick and safe way, provides them with the latest details and changes of their vehicles movements and fuel consumption in addition to the drivers’ performance and commitment to speeds limits on the roads by SMS messages without having to open the application,” Abdel Hadi explained.

Moreover, our new system allows trainers to be acquainted with the performance of drivers by logging into a website, identifying landmarks and regions, and displaying drivers’ periodic reports. It also allows drivers to access the website for self-training, -testing and -assessment to determine their competence to take the final tests.

Among SamTech’s smart solutions is the smart School Bus system which provides safety and security for students from the moment they leave their homes to the moment they return from school. It also allows parents to know the time of arrival of their children from schools through a text message. Through this system, school buses’ movement, speed and maintenance program can be monitored.

Smart Trace is another top smart solution by SamTech allowing companies and institutions to track their fleet and learn about their vehicles location, fuel consumption and time of arrival to the clients. SamTech also offers a smart solution that acts like an early warning system that guides an ambulance or a police patrol to the shortest route to the location where an accident occurred.

Published by AME Info