SamTech Participated in Job Shadow Day in association with INJAZ

SamTech Participated in Job Shadow Day in association with INJAZ

SamTech has accommodated 18 students from Ajman University in association with Injaz UAE (INJAZ – UAE: their Facebook name) as a part of Job Shadow day program. The students got the chance to act as shadow employees for different departments including; Accounts, HR, Marketing, Operations & Sales, they also had the privilege to understand how employees work within set policies and procedures. The program was very successful and 2 students were offered summer internship in SamTech Middle East.

Aligning with SamTech’s vision, Job Shadow day was organized and conducted to support and empower the Emirati youth.

Job Shadow day introduces students to careers through one-day, on-site mentoring experiences at corporations. It helps university students prepare their career lives, it shows them career possibilities and it demonstrates a tangible commitment to support and improve the community.

The objective of this event isn’t only to benefit the students, but also to inspire the employees and to maximize the personal satisfaction that comes from mentoring a young person.

After the 3 sessions, feedback forms were sent to the employees and below are some of the comments from them.

SamTech Employee’s feedback:

Ms Rosy Gomes, Secretary,

“It was a great experience for me; guiding the students in our day to day activity, giving them an idea about the workplace and sharing our working experience with them motivated me and inspired me a lot. Getting the chance to have an impact on these students’ lives is most inspiring thing I would do in my whole career life.”

Mrs. Shaista Mohsin, Operations Coordinator,

“Job Shadow day is a good activity that doesn’t only enhance the learning and working experience of students but also provide us a good platform to learn from their experiences as well.”

Ms. Wedad Abdulhadi, HR administrator,

“Being an organizer and a volunteer in this inspiring event was an honor, I enjoyed every single minute in it. My favorite part was the feedback session when the students shared their experiences and talked freely how this day and how SamTech team really helped them to look to the workplace in a different perspective.”

Student’s feedback:

  •  Hamda Waheedi, Ajman University, Business Administration faculty,

“Job Shadow Day was very useful; it helped me to gain skills and to prepare myself to real world.”

  •  Samah Qurnfoleh, Ajman University, Electrical Engineering faculty,

“Job Shadow day was fun, I enjoyed talking to the clients the most, being in the telemarketer shoes for a day was interesting and I loved it.”

  •  Sharifa Riad. Ajman University, Engineering faculty,

“It was really fantastic day, being part of different departments and dealing with different people from different levels and backgrounds helped me to be more confident and to overcome my inner barriers.”

  • Karam AbdulKarem, Ajman University, Communication Engineering faculty,

“It was a very good day; I have improved my communication skills.”

  • Sami Mohammed Sibai, Ajman University, Communication Engineering faculty,

“I learned so many things about the job environment and how to prepare myself to the work life. It was very useful and enjoyable.”

  •  Mohammed Mhanna, Ajman University, Electrical Engineering faculty,

“it was a very beneficial program, it will help us to improve our skills. I have learnt today how to write my CV.”