SamTech Middle East poses 4 smart technologies to enhance efficiency and increase productivity in organizations

SamTech Middle East poses 4 smart technologies to enhance efficiency and increase productivity in organizations

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SamTech is a leading and well known company as a solutions provider for tracking, controlling and remote management services. SamTech develops its solutions, 100% in the United Arab Emirates. It has announced an expansion in its operations by adding a product to its product line that is offered to companies operating in the Gulf region and the Middle East. This new technology will contribute to enhance productivity to the governmental departments, as well as public and private companies  in addition to the existing 3 Smart solutions previously lunched in the past years.

These are the most advanced technologies in the region. They would be considered as key elements to help public sector and organizations in the UAE to accelerate the pace of conversion systems to cope with the Smart Government initiative. As it allows companies to control their assets and manage them more effectively thus contributing to the achievement of a positive impact enhances its performance over the long term.

The advantage of these solutions is high quality and advanced level of service provided to those companies and institutions, one of these solutions provided by “SamTech” system is Smart School Bus. It provides safety and security to students from the moment they leave their homes to the moment they return from school. Also, allows the parents to know the time of the arrival of their children to their homes through the receipt of a text message. Keeping the parents updated about the imminent arrival of the bus, using this system the parents can track the movements of the school bus and know the exact time for his return to the house or arriving to school and entering. On the other hand, the school can through this system monitor bus speed, manage the driver behavior on the road and to keep track of the due date of the maintenance program.

Those solutions include vehicles control system, where the authorized person can manage the company’s’ vehicles and control its trips and movements. Moreover, they can manage the maintenance schedule plan, know all the information about the vehicle and where they are, generate fuel consumption reports, real time reporting of the vehicles arrival to the customer. Additional to all those features, one of SamTech’s solutions can offer “support and supply” service, upon receiving warning alert due to accident occurrence , the authorized party can dispatch the nearest ambulance or police to the exact location and it can also guide them to the

shortest roads leading to it.

Mr Samir Ibrahim Abdel Hadi, CEO at SamTech Middle East

Mr Samir Ibrahim Abdul Hadi, CEO at SamTech Middle East

On this occasion, Mr. Samir Ibrahim Abdul Hadi, CEO at SamTech mentioned, “within the framework of our quest to transform our systems to conform with the Smart Government initiative announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai,” may God protect him “.

These technologies offer all the technical requirements which help companies to facilitate the process of transformation and accelerated, with the design and development of these techniques in Dubai according to international best practices in this area.

Such technology have become very important for so many companies, organizations and individuals, this technology is used in so many departments to enable them to control and stay updated with what is happening in the organization, which would contribute in strengthening the effectiveness and improving performance. “ and remind you all the solutions offered by the company SamTech are innovative and easy to use, being a professional and interactive enables the user to rely on smoothly and that by going on online directly. While the services and programs are considered unique and very competitive compared to other with the ease of application, installation and implementation. The solutions and our software allows use of tracking systems, GPS and wireless technologies and build on the Internet to raise the level of efficiency of assets and enhance the level of safety and reduce operational costs and improve customer service for companies in the UAE and the Gulf states.