SamTech Launch Smart School Bus system on Huawei IoT Platform

SamTech Launch Smart School Bus system on Huawei IoT Platform

SamTech is a location based services that specialized on systems and services GPS tracking system and Internet of things signed a Memorandum of understanding with Huawei.

Huawei fleet security IoT solutions provide servicesو from vehicle mentoring via video, fleet tracking, emergency communication, analyzing fleet data, and add multimedia services.

Smart School Bus system design and developed by SamTech, provide a security and safety for student on the road from home to school and versa, provide smart technical feature to be sure from the validity  of the bus for daily flights, monitor and identify sites and routes the buses and the points to be stopping them.

Also system provides the real live video & audio, and saves the record, monitor the attendance of the student on the bus when is in and out, access to parents to monitor the children during the journey on the road.

Samir I. Abdul Hadi, Founder and CEO of SamTech, our pleasure to work with Huawei and have partnership to launch the system that developed on Huawei IoT platform. To be connected with emergency services in any case from GPS to reach easily and quickly to the data. So as to ensure appropriate action and ensure the safety of students as soon as possible.

Huawei side: We are delighted to unite our efforts with SamTech to promote and manage IoT service package, we are sure and confident to add Smart School bus system to our fleet security IoT solutions that providing, that will get attention from our customer from parents and providers transportation schools student services. ”

Smart School Bus system firstly connect safety of student with safety of school bus, that keep the information technology will insure the journey from locate student home from GPS tracking system, also the system will not allow bus working without being subject to safety inspection, that will the driver check the safety to be sure it’s safe from using electronic information Scanner Manual to check the safety of the tires, and that is enough fuel for the trip.

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