SamTech & Cisco development Smart Solution and Internet of things.

SamTech & Cisco development Smart Solution and Internet of things.

The advance infrastructure in Dubai, and spread of internet access on a large scale services in most region will support the expansion to make most of devices connected to the internet of things, and contribute to accelerating the transformation of the city to be the smartest city level the world, Said by SamTech the specialized in development smart solution and Internet of things.

Recently, a study issued by Cisco that the Internet of Things will bring significant added value, as it is expected that these solutions will reduce costs and increase productivity, leading to achieve financial abundance is estimated at AED 17.9 billion by the year 2019, it is estimated the share of public institutions of which approximately 4.3 billion dirhams.

Samir I Abdul Hadi, the founder & CEO of SamTech, Dubai has achieved over the past years the developing infrastructure keep pace with future aspirations and this structure formed a cornerstone of the expansion the internet of things in the emirate, that provide variety of smart and advanced services, worked on the development of a mass transit system is one of the most sophisticated systems in the world.

Dubai attract international organisation to do studies of development of sustainable future system to serve future generations, and now of proliferation of devices connected to the internet and widening spread of the internet connection services to achieve its vision to be the smartest city in the world.

SamTech is one of active companies working on the development smart solution that meet the aspirations of companies to reduce the operational cost and improve the productivity levels.