SamTech adopts environmental solutions that reduce carbon emissions

SamTech adopts environmental solutions that reduce carbon emissions

Control the kilometers driven by your vehicles and reduce carbon emissions.

The Smart solutions from SamTech Middle East, a corporate leader in offering tracking and telemetry systems, contribute to reduce the rate of carbon emissions. By applying the smart solutions, the user is been able to control the number of kilometers’ driven by vehicles.

SamTech’s smart solutions are effective tools that facilitate managing the companies’ and enterprises’ mobile assets in a smart and effective way; it also meets their strategic objectives of preserving the environment and adopting the latest IT solutions.

In this context, Mr. Samir Ibrahim Abdul-Hadi, President and CEO of SamTech Middle East: “We are always keen at SamTech to create sustainable products where we adopt solutions specialized in protecting the environment. UAE Society in general and the market in Dubai in particular is experiencing an unprecedented growth  towards sustainability and social responsibility, and that has now become a key feature in the selection process, whether the customer is a  governmental entity or a private  one.”

Abdul Hadi said: “UAE is on track to achieve sustainability. Especially that there is no barriers to object achieving this goal, considering the high level of awareness of the government, corporations and enterprises and the ease of accepting the presented ideas by the companies operating in the country.”

One of the main smart solutions  that is provided by SamTech, is SmartTrace with the route planning and  route optimization features. It allows the company’s management to monitor their vehicles by gathering  all the information about the vehicle such as  its location, petrol consumption, driven kilometers, time of arrival at customer’s premises, shortest route to get to a customer’s location taking into consideration the traffic on the roads; to name few, using the GPS system. All the information can help the company’s to utilize their vehicles effectively, reduce their asset’s  carbon emissions and cause less environmental pollution.

Article in Arabic: Alkhaleej and Albayan