Road Safety Campaign “Be Responsible, Drive Safe”

Road Safety Campaign “Be Responsible, Drive Safe”

As part of our efforts to promote and share CSR best practices, SamTech together with the Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network and Road Safety Campaign group members  have launched a Road Safety Campaign “Be Responsible- Drive Safe” at VOX Cinemas in Deira City Centre for businesses  in partnership with RTA and (May 21, 2014)

The launch ceremony was attended by senior management from the Sustainability Network members, media and the business community in the UAE. Speakers from member companies included Mohammed Akber, General Manager – HSEQ & Sustainability, Tristar, and Thomas Edelmann, Founder,

The speakers gave presentations with statistics from the WHO global status report on road safety 2013 as well as the UAE data which showed that sudden swerving and lane changing topped the percentage of fatalities touching 27 per cent and are the major causes of road deaths in the country. These are followed by misjudgment and not maintaining enough distance between cars which took 14 per cent and 11 per cent respectively as other top causes of fatalities on UAE roads.

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The Network has 56 members till date and companies that are part of the Road Safety Campaign group are Tristar, Majid Al Futtaim Properties, PepsiCo, ABB, SamTech Middle East, DP World, Zafco FZCO & Zdegree and Intercoil.

The “Be Responsible – Drive Safe” campaign is targeted at businesses and will allow the members collaborating  to raise awareness on road safety internally within the employees of the member companies and externally with other businesses to share best practices with like-minded companies.

The key deliverables include, developing a communication kit in cooperation with RTA and consisting of facts, tips, posters, templates, and videos which will be disseminated to all the members of the Sustainability Network and pre and post surveys will be conducted to analyse the effectiveness of the Kit. Sessions for businesses to share best practice examples will be also conducted in  2014.

The members will also compile policies and best practices to develop a Case Studies booklet while ZAFCO & Zdegree will offer onsite vehicle inspections whose report will be shared with the members to highlight the importance of the safe vehicle operations.

Samir I. Abdul Hadi, Founder and CEO of SamTech stressed SamTech’s commitment as a Technology provider, to increase Road Safety. “It is in our hands to ensure awareness on this matter as members of the Road Safety Task group and Campaign. But I believe and take this subject very personal because we can deliver greater safety by implementing speed limiters, sensors and producing reports that help assess driver’s behavior. Then frequent irresponsible drivers are punished and out of the road for everyone else’s safety”

Dr Belaid Rettab, Senior Director, Economic Research and Sustainable Business Development Sector, Dubai Chamber, said that the “Be Responsible – Drive Safe” is the first of its kind campaign on road safety targeted at businesses and shows the commitment of the Sustainability Network members to engage in initiatives that directly serve the business community while also enhancing the reputation of Dubai as a safe and responsible business destination.

He added that the participating Sustainability Network member companies get the opportunity to enhance their corporate reputation among various stakeholders including employees, and those interested in improving Road Safety practices.

At the heart of the Sustainability Network is the business-driven and action-oriented task groups aimed to address CSR and Sustainability challenges within the UAE. The task groups serve as a multi-stakeholder platform to discuss and exchange CSR/Sustainability views and practices.