New Voice International and SamTech Middle East Signed an agreement

New Voice International and SamTech Middle East Signed an agreement

SamTech Middle East, one of the Top Ten (10) of the one hundred (100) SME companies in the UAE, and a pioneer in the region to deploy safe tracking solutions based on IoT technologies, signed an agreement with New Voice International AG of Switzerland.

New Voice International AG, a leader in high-quality event response solutions in security sensing and monitoring management since 1991 – based in Switzerland. New Voice International is a leading provider of solutions for Unified Event Processing and Alert Communication delivered through a unique software solution concept widely known as MobiCall that can be individually tailored which has been installed in excess of six thousand (6000) locations worldwide.

Mr. Samir Abdul Hadi, Founder & CEO of SamTech said, “We are always seeking to deliver and mitigate the best and most advanced technology innovations in network solutions to enable our country have the most resilient and reliable solutions which save lives and protect our citizens”.  New Voice International CEO, Mr. George Brigati, affirmed the urgent and sincere strong need to provide SamTech with extensive backing and support to deliver a unique level of security response, “New Voice is convinced this is the only path to deliver the best response and attention to local public and private sector safety needs”.

The MobiCall solution is usually tailored to process events and alerts from any source whether through to a predefined responsible persons who are identified to take action. Regardless of any method in question, whether it is voice, short message, visual or audio or a flood of all known methods of alerts altogether.

Mr. Samir I. Abdul Hadi Founder & CEO of SamTech with Mr. George Brigati CEO of New Voice International


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