Dubai has it all to become a global hub for technical innovation

Dubai has it all to become a global hub for technical innovation

SamTech Middle East, a leading firm for tracking systems and remote control services in the Middle East, has said the United Arab Emirates has all capabilities needed to become a regional and global hub for devising smart solutions and systems, thanks to initiatives and smart services launched by the state in general and Dubai in particular in boosting the country’s attractiveness for major international companies operating in the smart solutions and systems industry.

SamTech’s smart solutions – fully developed in Dubai – are considered the most sophisticated as they offer world-class and top-quality services to companies and institutions working in the UAE in particular and the GCC region in general.

Samir I. Abdul-Hadi, Founder and CEO SamTech

Samir I. Abdul-Hadi,
Founder and CEO SamTech Middle East

Mr. Samir Ibrahim Abdul-Hadi, founder and CEO of SamTech Middle East said: “The UAE has always been a forerunner in harnessing and developing the technology to improve the level of services provided to residents on its territory, as part of its efforts to find a new reality and a new model in development”.

‘By providing further smart services in various industries, like education, transportation, energy, health, trade, tourism, and economy, UAE has established a leading position in this field and has become a role model at the regional and global levels in the smart system and services domain” Abdul-Hadi said.

Furthermore, Abdul-Hadi added, these smart initiatives will reflect positively on the overall development drive in various sectors, including health, tourism, media, design and finance and they will, ultimately, help in promoting technical integration of intelligent services.

SamTech’s solutions are user-friendly, enabling users to use them smoothly and can be remotely controlled through the Internet. These technologies make it possible to take advantage of GPS and wireless systems and depend on the Internet in enhancing assets efficiency, boosting safely levels, reducing operational costs and improving customer service for companies in UAE, GCC and the world.

About SamTech: SamTech was established 2003 in Dubai Knowledge Village as a training company to introduce the Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions in UAE and raise awareness of its benefits and advantages.

In 2005, SamTech moved its offices to Dubai Internet City (DIC) and started providing its solutions to different customers such as: Government Bodies, Security, Distribution, Service, Transportation, Logistics, Courier Service, Postal Service, Construction, Delivery Services, Personal and Automotive. Generally, any industry that has a fleet of vehicles where time, productivity and efficient fleet utilization are critical for their industry and bottom line.