Case Study: Desert Chill-SmartTrace

Case Study: Desert Chill-SmartTrace

SmartTrace has been helping Desert Chill improving its productivity.


“We know the Ice Cream Van is loved just as much by older Generation and Desert Chill has made a big kid out of many adult!”

This is how Desert Chill Ice Cream was born.

Desert Chill was formed by enterprising brothers Dan and Nathen Furlong based upon childhood memories of running outside as soon as they heard those familiar ice cream vans chimes. Such memories served as inspiration for them to begin a mission to bring the concept of the local friendly Ice Cream Van to the UAE.

Desert Chill has all the qualities and ingredients to fill you up and cool you down, in the most unique way possible.

 Mission Statement:

Ice Cream VAN

“Desert Chill Ice Cream will be the Premier Traditional Ice Cream Van Service in the Middle East offering a variety of quality products delivered with the highest standards of customer service and safety. We will deliver profits and growth to investors and stake holders and will deliver those profits and generate growth responsibly. “

The problem

Given the nature of their business, Desert Chill owns a Fleet of vehicles and a team of drives who sell ice cream to the communities in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai. During their first year trading, brothers Furlong found themselves having difficulty to track where their drivers were and what they were doing. They also had few issues that encouraged them to start looking for tracking systems.

 The solution

Smart Trace Logo

Nathen started researching for companies that provide tracking systems and he came across SmartTrace from SamTech Middle East. Having found so many companies that provide tracking systems in UAE; Nathen chose SamTech’s SmartTrace solution. Not only because he was also referred to it, but because he found that SmartTrace was easy to use.

The resulting benefits

Instead of having to call their drivers to find out where they were and what they were doing; leaving them with nothing to believe but what they are told… SmartTrace allows Desert Chill to increase their customer’s safety and overall business productivity by:

  • Locating:

    Finding where the drivers are and making sure they arrive on time at the designated locations.

  • Setting speed limits:

    limited speed around neighborhoods for child’s safety as it is a part of their mission statement.

  • Perform route optimization:

    To see if the driver has conducted the business properly by comparing sales revenue against the driver’s route. Whether the driver’s penetration in certain areas has been successful or not.

  • Using SmartTrace as a training tool:

    Showing a visual comparison of the driver’s current route map and what it should look like.

  • Control idling time:

    With the time they found that they have been bringing the cars for service ahead of schedule because of idling. Instead of servicing the car every 15000Km they were doing it every 11000Km.

Delivery On Demand (DOD)

Desert Chill has been able to change the nature of an impulse product and turn it into an on-demand one.  This DOD service is a combination of SmartTrace solution and Desert Chill App where customers can request a delivery from the ice cream van.


NathenFor Nathen, SamTech’s SmartTrace solution has had a positive and a negative impact. It is positive for the business productivity and operational efficiency, but it is a challenging quest in terms of personnel management as it highlights all the employees’ wrong doings, which then have to be disciplined.

Overall, Nathen has been able to learn more about his business and find new opportunities of doing so. Giving him the chance to train, monitor and provide feedback to Desert Chill’s employees.